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BFP has been building a sustainable company since 1971...

Ever wonder why BFP uses natural elements in our branding? It’s because we constantly remind ourselves of our commitment to the environment and our commitment to sustainability.

BFP has committed in these ways and more:

  • 20% target in reduction of paper output.  Mandatory corporate recycling program. 
  • Offering electronic billing, Reporting and employee booklets to reduce paper consumption.
  • BFP employees are encouraged to use public transit and carbon neutral transportation.
  • Employee recognition program for demonstrating environmental responsibility and stewardship.
  • Direct investment in a start-up enterprise that is developing a 100% sustainable, closed containment on land, salmon/black cod fish farm system that uses 100% plant based feed.

Through these requirements, we are able to ensure that our investment makes a real difference in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


         Get green with BFP and get going on your benefits future.

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