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Testimonials - General Testimonials

General Testimonials
Deborah Peck, Manager Human Resources, MAXEM EYEWEAR
2011-12-14, 11:13
We have been very happy with the work that Paul and his team have done for us since taking over the management of our Manulife Pension Plan in 2009.With Paul’s lead, we have benefited from a 30% reduction in the investment management fees over what we were previously paying and we have an improved, streamlined list of funds. Our employees are happy with the time he has spent with them going over investment recommendations and helping them with financial planning. This has become a very important benefit for our employees, tying in with our Work Life Harmony values. Paul and Anita have been prompt and thorough with any service related needs. I would be happy to recommend their services.
Dan Jennings, CFO, 4Refuel
-0001-11-30, 00:00
Mark is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the latest advancements in the employee benefits industry. We moved from an inflexible single benefits provider with high rates and premium billings to a best in class menu approach of insured and self-insured products. The result was savings of ~25% and a better plan for all staff, we have better coverage, more features and no negative feedback. I highly recommend Mark and Bajus Financial; he promised a better plan with significant savings and delivered on his promise.”
– Michael Sadovnick, CA, Accountant, STS Partners LLP
-0001-11-30, 00:00
When I had questions on my benefit plan, I discussed the issues with Daniel. He did nottry to push me to use his sale offerings, and in fact, recognized that I had a better offeringthan he could provide through my professional organization. It is this dedication to helpclients get their best coverage opposed to just the one he sells that I base this recommendation on
Gabrielle M. Loren, CPA, CGA
-0001-11-30, 00:00
Our firm has had a PHSP for many years that has been used to provide tax effective compensation options toour employees. We recommend them to almost all of our existing corporate clients and provide information on the taxbenefits of having one at every tax seminar we present. A PHSP is a must for any closely held corporation andfor those with many employees; they provide a fabulous compensation choice due to the efficient, tax effective optionthat is provided. They are truly too good to be true – do not pass them up! testing

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