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BFP is pleased to provide BFP businesshealth, a Canadian publication dedicated to helping you create and manage healthy workplaces.

The strategic importance of building and supporting healthy workplaces has never been of greater significance. Research in many countries has demonstrated healthy work environments can improve employee engagement, and reduce the human and financial costs of illness and injury, job satisfaction, employee commitment, workplace morale, absenteeism and other issues in the workplace.

We’ve partnered with Business Health to bring you an online publication with an integrated expertise based approach to help with the challenges of a creating and managing healthy work environments and trust you will find it relevant and of value in generating a successful and thriving business.

With BFP businesshealth you’ll find a range of high quality articles and information from both a national and regional perspective ... all written with the goal of providing a broader perspective into your benefit plans and practices.

And BFP businesshealth portal published articles are available to you 18 months in advance of availability through public Business Health channels.

To access BFP Business Health please click on this link.

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