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BFP Pension Plan Services

The words "pension plan" are something that most people are familiar with. However, what we're really talking about in today's business environment is "Group Retirement". Group Retirement refers to any company sponsored plan to help employees save for their retirement. Under the broad banner of Group Retirement are Pensions, Deferred Profit Sharing Plan, group RRSP's or even Tax Free Savings Accounts.

From experience, we know that many employers see Group Retirement plans as being complex and expensive. Part of the benefit we provide with BFP Pension Plan Management Services is to simplify and communicate how a plan can be set up easily, with very little maintenance on the employer's part.

For example: Did you know that the majority of Group Retirement plans being set up today have no costs to the employer other than the matching contribution they make with the employees? Did you also know that the typical plan set up these days involves little to no Government filings.

BFP Pension Plan Services
BFP is dedicated to helping your business and your employees achieve their retirement goals. Our Retirement & Pensions Division is your Fiduciary Steward to help you meet your responsibilities for plan governance.

We help educate your members so they can retire as comfortable as possible, and in the process, appreciate the value of the plan being provided to them by our clients.

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a variety of Pension Plan group savings products including::

  • Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans RRSP's
  • Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plans - DC
  • Defined Benefit Registered Pension Plans - DB
  • Deferred Profit Sharing Plans - DPSP
  • Non-Registered Savings Plans - RSP's
  • Individual Pension Plans - IPP's

We do not represent any single bank, trust company or life insurance company. This gives us the freedom to survey the marketplace and determine those retirement products that best serves the unique needs of each client.

We are your Group Retirement Specialists for services including Group RRSP, Group Pension, and Individual Pension Plans. For more than 40 years, BFP has been helping companies just like yours with Quality Advice and Service. Trust Us to guide your pension and retirement vision and maximize you pension values.

Ask your BFP partner for more information on how you can Get BFP Pensions! Contact Us today

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